At restaurant Vatten , you can come to satiate the stomach or quench the thirst - all year round. Our favorite ingredients are fish and shellfish . Naturally , since we are located right in the Bohuslän archipelago . Here are options also for those who prefer meat, or rather eat vegetarian. Whatever you choose , we want to ensure you have a memorable moment in the middle of an amazing landscape.



Week 17 day: 11.30-14.30

From v18. Monday-Sunday


Friday & Saturday, 17.30-20.30 (reservations until 20.30)


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We are located in:

Nordic Watercolour Museum – A place for meetings between art, nature & people



We go through different regions and different countries to learn more about wine.

The evening starts at 19.30 with that we test three wines together to then test two more along with the food.

5 wines, two dishes 695 kr

April 27, Anders presents six wines from Wine & Nature


May 25, Champagne and its accessories, Anders Arena talking about what is suitable to eat to Champagne. An evening of hors d'oeuvres and bubbles in the glass.

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Treat yourself and someone you love with a cozy day/night with us on the Water restaurant & Café and the Nordic Watercolour Museum.
Enjoy food, cooked with a large measure of passion where the chefs ' inspirations and nature's time determines what ends up on your plate.
Then follow the bridge out at Bockholmen where one of the Museum's five guest Studios waiting for you. The studios are on the pillars in the water with their silvery facades is the tone in tone with the mountains where the sea smell, wind and gulls box constantly is present.

Wake up alert and refreshed and enjoy breakfast on the Water, you are now ready to take on the art in the Museum's halls. Go and reflect on your own or join a guided tour. The creative desire would make itself felt, it is possible to test paints and brushes in our open workshop. The package includes also a season ticket to the Nordic Watercolour Museum that gives you free admission for a full year.


2750 SEK/two people, one day (food, accommodation + annual pass to the Museum)

Excl. drink


5100 euro/two people, two days (food, accommodation + annual pass to the Museum)

Excl. drink


Work on Water

We are currently looking for staff with water for summer 2018!

Water is out there on the island Tjörn Skärhamn in society. We have arranged for staff accommodation. Services range from May to september.


We are looking for you with a minimum of 2 years experience as a chef. We prefer that you are responsive, professional pride and have a quality thinking.
Email your interest to kok@restaurangvatten.com


Here it is important that you have at least 2 years of experience to work in the dining room and is interested in food and wine.

We offer a great environment and a great team and lots of good wines. We work almost exclusively with local breweries and natural wines.

For us it is important that we not only makes guests happy but also that we are proud of what we serve our guests.
We use seasonal menus and try to mainly work with local producers. We work hard to bring out the vegetables as the main raw material, because we believe that this creates a more creative atmosphere, both for us as our guests.

Email your interest to anders@restaurangvatten.com



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