There is nothing cooler than when testing the wine together with the food and you just laugh because it's a ridiculously good combination, or when the hair on your arms stand for the wine is so amazingly good.

Here is a selection of different exciting tests that we can have this on the Water, or if you want me to come to you, please get in touch so we can sew together a thrilling test according to your preference.


Grape tastingWe get to know the grape in 4 different wines.
Region testwe test 4 different wines from the same region.
Climate testingWe test 4 different wines from 4 different climate zones.
Wine and food in combinationwe try 4 wines together with 4 snacks, to see what's going on with the wine when you eat something to.

Drink on Water

We like wines with attitude!

For us it is important that the wine is produced in harmony with nature and

without the addition of chemicals, enzymes and superfluous sulfiiter.

On the Water, it's always natural wine in the glasses, when it is toasted.


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